About Massar

In Arabic مسار or Ma'ssar means path or trajectory....of one's life.

In life, people often discuss whether we have control over our actions or if everything is already decided for us. Some say we choose our own path, while others think it's all predetermined. I see things differently—I believe our choices influence our journey, which can take many different routes with ups and downs. Life can be unpredictable, leading us away from our plans. But maybe these detours are opportunities. What we originally wanted may not be what's best, and there might be something even better beyond the challenges we face. It is up to us to take action and make a difference. 

The Motivation

In the midst of thinking about deep ideas, we must also pay attention to the difficult situations experienced by people who are forced to leave their homes. Some are persecuted for their beliefs while others simply for living on valuable land. Refugees, including men, women, and children, face incredibly tough challenges as they leave everything they know behind due to circumstances they can't control. Fate plays a role in their journey, guiding some to find safety in countries like Canada.  It is within this context that I envision Massar as a beacon of hope—a promise of something better on the horizon for those whose lives have been disrupted. 

Our Mission

At Massar, our mission resonates with a profound sense of responsibility. With every sale, we will be donate 3% to Nisa Homes - an organization dedicated to assisting Muslim women seeking support services and shelter.  As we grow the business, our aim will be in assisting Muslim refugee women resettled in Canada, helping them secure equitable employment in a nurturing environment while offering  comprehensive support during their transition to their new home. 

The Path

As for those who believe in Allah and hold fast to Him, He will admit them into His mercy and grace and guide them to Himself through the Straight Path.  - Surah An Nisa


Embark on a journey of socially conscious spirituality with purpose